"Our mission is to provide customers with the means to access household goods and services to improve the quality of their lives"

"We strive to add value to people's lives... every day"

Welcome to BrightHouse

BrightHouse is the leading UK rent-to-own retailer.
We provide high-quality, branded products to credit-constrained customers, through affordable weekly payments.
Our bespoke credit management processes enable our customers to get the goods they need, in a way they can afford.
We currently operate from more than 280 retail stores, nationwide.

Investor Relations

Investor Relations

If you're already an investor or if you're interested in becoming an investor in BrightHouse, please follow the link below.

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Corporate Responsibility

BrightHouse bases its credit management on regular face-to-face contact with our customers. If you would like further information follow the link below

Corporate responsibility

Our Business

Our Business

For more information about our strategy, market or customers, please follow the link below

Our Business