Our Customers
Hear what our customers have to say.
Improving quality of life
We provide customers with the household goods that others take for granted.
Leading by lending responsibly
Lending responsibly is one of the cornerstones of our business and it underpins everything we do.
Meeting customers’ needs
Affordable access to quality products with complete peace of mind.
A business with integrity
Taking our responsibilities seriously. Making a difference.
Sharing in success
Respecting all our stakeholders – with a clear focus on results.
Rent-to-own: What's it all about
Improving quality of life in an affordable, flexible way

Our Story

We are an innovative and responsible business, improving the lives of our customers and providing jobs, whilst supporting high streets up and down the country.

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BrightHouse customers at home

Our Service

You probably take it for granted that you can walk into a shop and buy a new TV or a washing machine if you need one - or get a loan to pay for it. But for millions of people this is not an option.

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Female BrightHouse colleague chatting to male and female couple in a BrightHouse store

Our Responsibilities

At the heart of everything we do is integrity: treating customers fairly, providing great jobs, nurturing our communities, building mutually beneficial business relationships, protecting the environment.

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Two female BrightHouse colleagues chatting in a BrightHouse store

Rent-to-own what's it all about

Improving quality of life in an affordable, flexible way.

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Voice of our customers

Alex's Story

Engineering excellence