Customer charter

Customer charter

Our Customer Charter reads as follows:

Our store colleagues are dedicated to delivering good service. Please raise any query with a member of the store team and they will try to resolve it to your satisfaction.

If you are unable to resolve your query in store, please contact our Customer Relations team who are here to assist.

We aim to:

  • Listen and understand your query
  • Respond within 48 hours
  • Resolve your query fairly and quickly

Supporting customers in difficulty

Of course an individual customer’s financial circumstances can change however carefully and responsibly we lend to them. Our credit agreements are designed with flexibility in mind.

We offer a number of options to help when finances are tight. These include;

  • the right to return the product at any time with nothing further to pay
  • the right to return the product and take a ‘payment holiday’ for up to a year before resuming the agreement with a similar product
  • the right to switch to a higher specification or a lower cost model as required
  • if in arrears, have outstanding payments deferred to the end of the agreement

At BrightHouse we support the work of debt charities and work with them to improve customer outcomes. This includes seeking best practice, and reviewing credit policies and our operational processes.