Our customers

Our customers

We value customer opinion and regularly consult with our customers in order to ascertain perceptions and opinions of the service we provide. The following extracts outline what BrightHouse means to them:

Mary - BrightHouse customer for 5 years

“BrightHouse have a great range of products and offer them at competitive prices. It’s a really great service and they’ve always been really helpful to me; so much so, I have recommended them to about 12 friends!”

Catherine - BrightHouse customer for 7 years

“I shop at BrightHouse for convenience as it has everything I need in one place, and they make it really easy to pay for the latest things that come out! Other shops just seem to make it so much more difficult to buy things on credit.

"I was recommended to BrightHouse by a family friend who had been a satisfied customer for quite a few years. The service I receive in store has always been really helpful and friendly.”

Jean - BrightHouse customer for 4 years

“I’ve been a regular customer for the past 4 years. My local BrightHouse is conveniently located near all the other shops I visit each week. The product range is brilliant and so is the service in store. The staff know me by first name and I often have a coffee and a catch-up in-store too.

"I heard about BrightHouse through friends. Quite a few of them use BrightHouse and I don’t know where we’d be without them! I am going to buy another TV for my son’s bedroom. I have quite a few agreements with BrightHouse, I’m very happy.”

Maria - BrightHouse customer for 3 years

“I first found out about BrightHouse when I walked past it in the shopping centre. I needed a new TV, they had the one that I liked and it was available at an affordable price. Since the TV I have gone back to buy a TV stand, a DVD / TV combi, dishwasher, 2 phones, 2 laptops, a fridge/freezer, music centre and a new suite!

"I think products are reasonably priced. The store staff are very helpful, easy to speak to and go out of their way to help me with any problems I have.”

Ian - BrightHouse customer for 1 year

“I was really excited when I discovered BrightHouse last year; they had all the latest things I wanted for my house and were much more flexible about the credit than other shops in town. After finding them, I had the latest LCD TV set up in my front room within 3 weeks, just in time for the Champions League final!

"I pop in each week to pay off what I owe, but as well as a chat with the staff it gives me a chance to check out the latest deals. I’m definitely a satisfied customer; I even recommended BrightHouse to my mum!”