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Our market

Our Market

Approximately 12 million individuals in the UK reply on alternative means of credit and finance. Lack of either sufficient funds or access to mainstream credit hinders many of these people from acquiring the products they need in their home - products most families take for granted, such as washing machies and fridge-freezers.

Our customers are looking for a tailored solution which meets their needs and helps them to make sure they have a home of which they can be proud. We respond by providing market leading, high quality products through affordable weekly payments as well as a comprehensive after sales service. We are a responsible lender with a simple proposition which enables our customers to budget and gives them complete peace of mind.

Customer Profile

The majority of our customers live within three miles of their local BrightHouse store. This close proximity engenders strong relationships between customers and our colleagues in the local communities. Just under half of our customers have been shopping with us for more than three years whislt 9% have been with us for ten years or longer.

Two thirds of our customers are female and the same proportion are aged 18-44. Almost half live in households where they are the only adult. Two thirds have children (UK average: 57%) and 30% of our customers have three children or more (UK: 14%).

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