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The greener the better
The greener the better
BrightHouse is an organisation that positively contributes to environmental sustainability.

BrightHouse is an organisation that positively contributes to environmental sustainability. We actively explore ways to reduce our eco-footprint and have implemented a number of initiatives designed to limit our impact on the environment. These include an ongoing review of our purchasing policies, as well as finding new opportunities to recycle or re-deploy products and materials.

Refurbishment is a key part of our business. Customers may return products to us at any time. Wherever possible, these are refurbished and re-sold as refreshed items after a thorough MOT-style check by our engineers. Products that are beyond economic repair can be cannibalised for spare parts. Any residue is processed for recycling. We adopt a similar approach to redundant IT equipment to minimise environmentally unfriendly waste.

We recycle with gusto and are widely acknowledged for our efforts, picking up some top awards. Whenever possible, the major packaging constituents – cardboard, paper, plastics and polystyrene – are taken back to our National Distribution Centre, compacted and passed to recycling businesses for processing. We aim to have zero landfill, with our service centres having already achieved this.

We also work with a charity to recycle unwanted furniture.

As a responsible retailer, we meet the requirements placed on us by financially supporting the national network of Waste Electrical or Electronic Equipment (WEEE) recycling centres established by local authorities. This is achieved through membership of the national Distributor Take-back Scheme (DTS).

Environment-friendly products: the Energy Saving Trust recognises alliances that are energy-efficient.100% of our washing machines and dryers achieved this standard.

We have an appointed utilities broker, who ensures our energy is 100% combined heat and power (CHP).

Staff across the business are committed to implementing our environmental practices. As well as benefitting the environment, this has helped reduce our costs by some £250,000 every year.

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