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We can work it out
We can work it out
Our business has clear pricing with optional and flexible agreements.

Visitors to our stores are often surprised by the remarkable relationship between our customers and our staff. Go into any BrightHouse store anywhere in the UK and you will experience mutual respect, openness and honesty and a genuine sense of belonging and friendship that you won't find anywhere else.

It comes from living in communities we serve and ensuring we hire people who take pride in acting with integrity and understanding. But it's also because buying from BrightHouse is the start of a relationship, rather than the end of a transaction.

Our prices are good value and crystal clear. We offer flexibility on the length of the agreement - normally two, three or four years. The longer the term, the lower the weekly payment. The shorter the term, the cheaper it is overall. To support this we have developed an itemised price ticket for added transparency.

Our customers have the choice to take our service cover on all agreements from 27th February 2017. This is called BrightCare and offers good value peace of mind against the costs of unexpected repairs. We've recruited more engineers who can repair products quickly and conveniently in customers' homes. This is backed up by a guarantee to our BrightCare customers that if we can't repair their product within agreed timescales we'll replace it new-for-old.

Our agreement allows customers to upgrade or downgrade products to suit finances, to take a payment holiday, and to return the product at any time. Our managers are trained to help people get back on track: when customers sign an agreement we stress that if they do experience financial problems they should tell us as soon as possible so we can work with them to quickly find a solution.


As a responsible lender we go to great lengths to ensure we operate to the highest standards.

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